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Gaelen Abt 
The Style Sherpa

I have always had a love of clothing and fashion which led me to become a certified image consultant.  My other passion for understanding human nature and why we do what we do, brought me to creating The Conscious Dressing Methodology.  


Being an empath and intuitive energy reader gives me the foundation from which I am able to work on deeper levels with my clients to guide them on finding their true sense of self through style. My continuing studies of personality and personal energy types, archetypes, astrology, human design, chakras and crystals are the added tools which enhance my understanding of each clients' individuality.


Understanding your individual nature and energy flows is a key element to being your authentic self inside and out.  Having a guide to help you navigate these nuances is what I do.

Photo by: Emma Abt Photography

What is Conscious Dressing ?

Conscious Dressing is a methodology behind my Mindset Styling and Wardrobe Redesign. It is the philosophy of how to use your clothing and accessories as tools to support you in feeling more confident, motivated, relaxed, joyful, powerful…whatever you need or want to feel each and every day.  

It helps you clarify…

  • Your insight and understanding of yourself

  • How and why you are feeling the way you feel


It gives you the opportunity to...

  • Understand what your needs are in any given moment

  • To choose how you wish to show up through your dress


Knowing your base lines in the various modalities allows you to become aware of what parts of you are shifting and evolving so you can provide the balance and support needed as its happening. 

Being conscious of these shifts as they occur keeps you feeling more relaxed and the in the flow of whats right for you. You will have less tendency to overdo things and run yourself ragged.


Its time start feeling confident and empowered through your style.  Its time to start really loving how you show up.  Its time to start dressing consciously.

Learn how to shift your style mindset with the Style Sherpa as your Guide.

Conscious Dressing

Photo: Irena Mandel Photography


Daily Closet Meditations

No chanting, singing bowls or diffusers needed for this meditation. Conscious Dressing is the practice of simply doing a quick check in with your "self" to see how your clothing can support your needs that day. Stop merely getting dressed and start showing up for yourself, confidently knowing that your clothing is there to create whatever armor you need each day.

I adore working with my clients.I would love to be a part of your journey of self-awareness, guiding you to create a wardrobe that makes you excited to get dressed!


The Style Sherpa

Gaelen Abt 
The Style Sherpa

Tel: 401-440-5466


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