I've been told I have a childlike curiosity about the world.  I spot something interesting, a leaf with its edges sparkling from frost, a leggy bug sitting on a window ledge, how that striped skirt looks next to that floral jacket, and I am immediately immersed.  I sto...

This blog was initially written for my lovely and talented friend Nadine Till-Fidelman of Jewelry By Nadine.

You can find her on Etsy at JewelryByNadine.

My definition of style is Dressing to Please Yourself.  I tell my clients to use their clothing to express who they a...

I'm in a drink from the firehose kinda place right now.  Case in point, I'm reading the book Playing Big by Tara Mohr, studying Archetypes with Nancy Anger, using the Caroline Myss Archetype cards, add in a few Chakra classes and books, and a constant stream of astrolo...

I attended a seminar this week and no sooner had I walked in the door when my friend, who happened to be one of the presenters, ran up to me said "Thank god you are here!", grabbed my arm and dragged me into the ladies’ room.  This woman is a wife, mom, author, marketi...

I recently read an article from InSTYLE Magazine, by Caroline de Maigret, on what French girls can learn from American girl style.  It drew me in because of the subject matter.  Normally its all about how to get that French girl look, which boils down to authenticity a...

I haven't blogged in a few months, which I understand is total no-no in the blogging world, but since they say you should put out about 15 blogs a month to be a real blogger, I was not up to par anyway.

Those who know me, know I am not a fan of rules per se and blogging...

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe not…but a friend of mine recently sent me this comic and, well, yeah, pockets make me happy.  Really happy.

To me pockets represent freedom.  If I'm donning an outfit with pockets, I now have place to put stuff so I don't necessarily...

I recently read an interesting article about being an Ambivert ( http://www.inc.com/travis-bradberry/9-signs-that-you-re-an-ambivert.html ) which I TOTALLY am.  It got me musing on how I dress depending on my mood and how much my style choices change depending on which...

                                                               Love these free printable invites from Ohhappyday.com

I k...

I have a sister-n-law (dont worry I have LOTS of them so I'm not anonymously singling out anyone lol) who is a strict measurer when she cooks.  She follows instructions to a tee.  Precision is the name of the game.   It is quite impressive actually, especially for a no...

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