Fear and Curiousity

I've been told I have a childlike curiosity about the world. I spot something interesting, a leaf with its edges sparkling from frost, a leggy bug sitting on a window ledge, how that striped skirt looks next to that floral jacket, and I am immediately immersed. I stop and observe, wondering things like, if I touch the frost will it feel like sugar? What purpose do all those legs have for the bug? What would happen if I wore that skirt as a top under that jacket and put on a cool necklace? In the book Playing Big, Tara Mohr states "It’s impossible for pure curiosity and fear to coexist in any moment; we can only be in one state or the other." Curiosity has the power to move us out of fear.

The Importance of Pants

This blog was initially written for my lovely and talented friend Nadine Till-Fidelman of Jewelry By Nadine. You can find her on Etsy at JewelryByNadine. My definition of style is Dressing to Please Yourself. I tell my clients to use their clothing to express who they are and to help them feel a certain way, to motivate themselves. Clothing not only covers our physical bodies, it also has a profound effect on how we feel. How we feel affects how we interact with others. How we interact with others affects how they feel being around us. How they feel being around us affects how they feel about themselves. We all have certain categories of clothing: Those we wear for work, those we wear for

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