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Start your Ascent today. Schedule a call to assess your style needs.

Wish you felt more confident?
Dread getting dressed?

It's time to ditch the dread and shift your mindset.

Having a guide to show you the possibilities and provide insight, will help you achieve a newfound confidence.

The Sherpa Ascent Program is the first step to creating purpose through your mindset.

At some point, we all hit some mindset roadblocks. Many of which come during transitional times of our lives.

We change on the inside, our life-style changes, our physical appearance changes, but it takes conscious effort to make sure your clothing changes as well.

Knowing what you need or even want, can be daunting. It might seem easier to just not deal with it. 

Our appearance has a deep effect on our mindset which, in turn, affects how we show up for ourselves and others.

It's never too late to shift your mindset. The Sherpa Ascent Program will offer insight, help you traverse roadblocks and enable you to level up your mindset and personal style in a way that one-off style sessions and shopping services just can't accomplish.

Gain more insight into your personal style. 



Using your clothing to shift or support your mindset.



Finding the styles that are energetically meant for you.



Harnessing your personal power through clothing.


Start your ascent today!


My time with The Style Sherpa was so impactful and so needed.  Its clear that I, not only needed help and direction, but also support and encouragement and permission to dress like the true badass inside me.  Gaelen has liberated me!  I feel like a could do a whole Ted Talk on the experience.


Drita Protopapa - Owner, MAPA Translations, Inc.

The Style Sherpa, Gaelen Abt opened my eyes to more intentional way of dressing.  I noticed an immediate difference.  I've received multiple compliments on my look and I feel like a million bucks, changing how I show up and interact professionally and personally.  I'm beyond excited to continue working with Gaelen.


Megan Reyes - Insurance Agent


The Style Sherpa


I became the Style Sherpa in 2014 with the idea of being a personal style guide. Choosing the name and logo came easy as "sherpa" means guide and I have had a life long love affair with elephants who are often used by traditional sherpas to cross mountain ranges. At times our mindset can make life feel just as daunting as a mountain range. And a guide can help you through that journey.

Being an empath and intuitive energy reader gives me the foundation from which I am able to work on deeper levels with my clients to guide them on finding their true sense of self through style. 

Understanding your individual nature and energy flows is a key element to being your authentic self inside and out. .​I'm here to help others shift their mindset. I use clothing to set the container with you and then we work inward from there.

I'd love to have you join my FB Community:


Conscious Dressing With The Style Sherpa.


Photo by: Emma Abt Photography

Are you ready to feel more confident and dress with ease.

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