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Since having Gaelen out to work with me, I am more adventurous more often with my style choices.  I'm wearing outfits I've never worn before with pieces I"ve had for years. I recently went on a trip to Europe with my husband.  Thanks to the skills I learned from my session with Gaelen, I was able to pack lighter yet have more options on what I could wear.

Ashley Glatt – Realtor


Where has Gaelen been all my life!  I loved all the items and accessories she chose for me! Only 3 out of 25 items didn't fit.  We met once prior to her shopping for me and Gaelen had my sizes and style down.


Doreen Ise - Salon Owner

The Style Sherpa gave a talk to a networking group I attend.  I absolutely loved her presentation and energy.  I'm going to seriously think outside the box when looking at my closet.  I realized that my wardrobe has some really great pieces but that I am guilty of holding on to things that are outdated.  Thank you for the lesson Style Sherpa!


Robin DeCarlo - V.P. Corporate Communications

I want to give a big hug and THANK YOU to Gaelen for helping me get ready for a large family wedding.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for years and my wardrobe has paid the price. Gaelen helped me find an outfit that made me look and feel amazing!  I couldn't wait to get to the wedding and show off.  You can't ask for more than that.

Laura Lafazia - Domestic Goddess

Since working with Gaelen, I have consistently received more compliments from my clients and colleagues.  Men and women alike have complimented my look.  I know I didn't dress badly before, I just didn't put anything together that was impressive; therefore no one said anything about the way I looked.  Now I get a compliment almost daily.  I could not have done this with out the Style Sherpa.  Her expertise has made a huge difference in my confidence and the way people see me professionally. ​

Christina Angelone-Gatteri – Financial Advisor


After years of being in a fashion rut, its finally easy for me to get dressed in the morning! Gaelen helped me purge the unflattering things and pinpointed the colors and styles that looked good on ME! She is so much fun and amazingly productive. As if that wasn't enough, I was even more impressed that by that evening she had texted me with key pieces that we discussed I should add to my wardrobe and they were even on sale! I immediately bought them and have been so thrilled, I'm having her back out to check out some new additions that I chose and to help my husband with his wardrobe.

Ann Harwood – Mom and Substitute Teacher/Childcare Provider

Being a tax accountant everyone assumes you are always in a suit. I needed help for when I was not. Business casual, weekends, was difficult to find what to wear. Gaelen, the Style Sherpa, came to my rescue! She tailor fit a fashion plan just for me.  It has been 10 years and I still follow the guidelines she set up for me. Now when I shop I am more confident that I will feel at ease with what I am wearing - no matter what the occasion!

Thank you Style Sherpa!

Bonnie Bougor-Jordan – Accountant


​I turned the Style Sherpa loose in my closet. Gaelen took my existing garments and taught me how to put together new and updated looks. She helped me decide which items were not "me" and to let them go and encouraged me to step away from the "rules" of old and have fun with fashion. Before I knew it I was modeling items already in my closet that I never dreamed could go together! She flipped a scarf about my neck and suddenly I was classy and sassy and effortless chic.


Kate VanNoorden – Sculptor/Dog Care Provider/Grandmother

I've been using the Style Sherpa  to help me wrangle my wardrobe for years. Her discerning eye keeps me looking great and my ever-changing wardrobe reigned in and well-balanced. I use her to help me shop and dress for business trips and events, as well as, social events. I have her out to tackle my closet at least twice a year. Its fast and fun and makes my life so much easier!


Liz Whalen – Graphic Designer

I am an average guy of a very UN average size (6’7). Working with the Sherpa I have learned how things should fit my frame and where I can find things that do fit. Gaelen is a joy to shop with, quickly and skillfully guiding me through stores I would never have considered. She is an outstanding shopping advocate, constantly making notes of brands and styles that work for me and then finding my sizes at prices that work for my budget. The Sherpa has saved me time and A LOT of money by only letting me buy what truly looks good, finding the best price and showing me that I do not need to settle for good enough just because I’m not a typical size.


Pete Turner  – Maintenance and Training Officer


My experience with the Style Sherpa was WONDERFUL. She spent hours with me – purging what needed to leave my closet and putting together outfits with pieces I already owned. Normally, to start the school year, I buy a few "new" outfits. But this year, I didn't need to because we created so much from existing pieces. And I have been receiving tons of COMPLIMENTS :) But, even more than that, Gaelen gave advice on what my closet was lacking and has been answering dozens of texts to help me with purchases. She has great taste, and her decisiveness is exactly what I needed!!


Kristen Degnan – High School Teacher

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