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Conscious Style Wardrobe ReDesigner

I have the privilege of being able to introduce my clients to the art of Conscious Dressing.

Years of retail and personal styling experience, becoming a Certified Image Consultant, in conjunction with my studies in the areas of astrology, personal energy, chakras, archetypes and human design has all guided me on my path to create the methodology of Conscious Dressing.

Conscious Dressing teaches you how to use your clothing as tools to support you in feeling more confident, motivated, relaxed, joyful, powerful. Whatever you need or want to feel.


Conscious Dressing is clarifying:

  •  your insight and understanding of yourself

  • why you do the things you do and feel what you feel

There is a fluidity to Conscious Dressing.

It affords you the opportunity to:


  • know what your needs might be moment to moment

  • to choose how you wish to show up through your dress​


Knowing what your base lines are in various modalities allows you to:

  •  be aware of what is shifting

  • where you need balance and support at any given time

I just adore working with my clients.  I would love to be a part of your journey of self-awareness, guiding you to create a wardrobe that you consciously make authentically yours.

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Photo: Emma Abt Photography

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