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To Blog or Not to Blog?

The whole idea of blogging horrifies me! Totally freaks me out, if I’m being honest. Bloggers blog…I’m a Stylist, a Mom, a Wife, a creative writer (when the mood strikes me), a lover of applying paint to walls, but a Blogger? I’ve been saying this for years.

I did make an attempt once, even posted it…then I abandoned it like an empty Sour Patch Kids wrapper. If no one sees you eat them and dump it, it never happened. That blog sits out there in the Blogging universe…floating in the unseen in its ridiculousness.

Of course it continues to taunt me, not the original Blog, but the idea of Blogging altogether. Hence why I continue to wonder why it freaks me out so. It dawned on me as I was putting my laundry away that I was thinking of Blogging like having to write an essay for school…there must be form and function and people grading it and I must sound just so…RUN AWAY (Monty Python lovers rejoice!).

But Blogging is fun for a LOT of people, so it can’t be that painful (right?)…and then I had a moment, Blogging is more a living thought diary, a word vomiting of current ideas, stream of consciousness, a narrating of your inner ½ hour comedy show. THAT I could do.

And so it goes with Style. A lot of my clients or people I meet who find out what I do, freak out when they hear the word style.

“I don’t have Style”

“I could never have Style”

“You have to be rich, skinny, have a fancy job to have Style”

But Style isn’t about the size of your bank account, your body type or the lifestyle you lead. Style is dressing to make yourself happy…Style is putting on clothing that expresses who you are and makes you look amazing. Style gives you confidence, confidence gives you Style.

Style is just a matter of knowing what things to put on that make YOU look your best. Style is knowing you may have to try on 6 things before one works. Style is walking out of the house LOVING YOUR LOOK and knowing you look great, which makes you feel great.

As soon as I realized I wasn’t expected to write any certain way, I started to Blog…as soon as you realize you don’t have look exactly like everyone else you will begin to develop Style. Sometimes we just have to get out of our own way.

Blogging is just an extension of me and what I do…Style is just an extension of who you are.

So there I did it! I blogged…now let’s get you Styled!

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