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Shower Anyone?

Why are all good ideas born in the shower? Is it the warmth or the steam? The pulling of the curtain? Maybe it’s the shedding of all our outer layers, the elimination of external distractions so that all you have to think about is, well, what you're thinking about. After all Archimedes had his Eureka moment about volume and water displacement in the bathtub.

Frankly its where I came up with the name Style Sherpa,

which I do realize is nowhere near as impressive as the whole Archimedes thing, but still…

Most of our closets are chock full of distraction…things that are too small, too big, too old, stuff someone gave you, never been worn, what was I thinking! No wonder we freeze like a deer caught in headlights staring into the mad chaos we call a closet. The memories, voices, guilt and dislike are all just too much so we pull out the same pieces over and over and slam the door shut on the rest hoping it will all just sort itself out by tomorrow.

Don't let your clothing keep you from your Archimedes Moment! Go take a shower…then call the Style Sherpa, the clothes wrangler, the voice of style reason. You will learn how to figure out what you love and how to wear it differently, exactly what to do with those "what was I thinking" pieces, and just quiet all that noise coming from your closet. Instead of a distraction, your wardrobe becomes an extension of you, making you look and feel fantastic. Seriously….it can happen.

Now imagine you have a quiet closet, what will your mind do without that distraction?

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