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Striving For Perfection

I am NOT a perfectionist. Not in any way, shape, manner or form. Perfection actually freezes me into inaction. Whether I'm writing, painting, cooking, decorating, or styling someone, if I get caught up in the need to for things to be perfect, I am stopped in my tracks. I think I'm lucky that I've realized that about myself and found ways to get things done "perfectly well" but without perfection.

I simply (ha ha, as if!) allow myself to create something horrible first. Like a brainstorming session, the idea is to toss out any and all ideas, good, bad or indifferent. You never know when some random idea or suggestion will inspire you on to something great! And so, I allow myself to present any and all ideas knowing that I can always change directions, change my mind, toss it in the trash cause it sucks!

In my spare time I paint, not pictures, but walls in my house, friends houses, schools, offices, pretty much anywhere they let me in with my paint brush. Picking paint colors is not easy…the lighting at any given time of day can completely change a color. I painted this dark purple wall in my family room that was this gloriously rich shade of eggplant. At 11 a.m. the color was exactly as I had envisioned it would be; it nestled up next to the goldy yellow wall and was royal perfection for a few hours. By 4 p.m. the wall look like a chocolate brown. Not a bad color, but not the original vision. It is now a lovely shade of blue that stays more consistent throughout the day.

Another time, I chose a spectacular color of turquoise to paint some trim in my hallway between my red dining room and yellow and purple family room (it looks better than it sounds lol). I hated it! My husband came home from work and hated it too (he often comes home to a room being a completely different color then when he had left it in the morning..and yes, I know I am lucky to have such an understanding spouse. He picks his battles carefully lol). The next day I was back at the paint store picking another color. I was so sure I wanted that turquoise until it was on the wall, then I realized it didn't work. I was wrong. I repainted. Its all good.

One of the things I hear most from my clients is "I wasn't sure if I could do that?" As if the fashion police would write them a ticket for their style choices. Striving for perfection in your style actually removes the style and turns you into a clone, someone who emulates not emits style. I often put together an outfit in my head from the things in my closet and when I try it on, realize it doesn't work at all. No harm done. I try again.

I challenge you to rid yourself of the perfection bug. Try a new recipe, paint a wall a color you love, wear something in your closet in a different way (wear that skirt as a top, or the that dress as a skirt, break up that suit and wear them as separates). I promise you nothing bad will happen…you might actually find you've achieved a new type of perfection.


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