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I'll Drink To That!

Girl drinking from a firehose spray

I'm in a drink from the firehose kinda place right now. Case in point, I'm reading the book Playing Big by Tara Mohr, studying Archetypes with Nancy Anger, using the Caroline Myss Archetype cards, add in a few Chakra classes and books, and a constant stream of astrology, DYT by Carol Tuttle, and my stylish brain is on overdrive. But in a really good way. Hence why I'm evidently blogging again, after a 2 year hiatus.

You know a book is good, when you are madly jotting notes and creating journal entries within minutes of starting it. I love a good connection moment! And here is mine… Tara Mohr's "Inner Mentor" and "Future Self" concepts are simply Archetypes (i.e. some of the many versions of ourselves that we can tap into to find understanding and guidance.)

When I encourage my clients to dress for how they are feeling, I'm really saying which archetype are you leading with or do you want to lead with, and dress them! Now doesn't that sound fun? OMG! Imagine how freeing, authentic and truly in touch with yourself you would be if you dressed with that mindset! The power of dressing for who you are being or who you need/want to be is an incredibly powerful tool.

Imagine needing your Leader or Networker or Queen Archetype to lead, but you are feeling your shadow side of the Victim or Hermit at the helm. By communicating via your clothing choices who you need to be, you will find it much easier to channel that version of you. Navigating with whatever Archetype is best suited for the situation, makes the journey that much easier.

This is why understanding who you are, and why you do the things you do, is so crucial to being able to present an authentic image. To be and look authentic, you first have to figure out what authentic is for you. Once you have some understanding of who you are and how you function, your clothing can be a tool you use to bring out the best needed version of you at any given time. Who are you showing up as today.

If any of the above makes you go "what in the hell is she talking about? But I'm intriqued," I'd love to introduce you to some amazing resources.

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