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Do You Whisper or ROAR?

I recently read an interesting article about being an Ambivert ( ) which I TOTALLY am. It got me musing on how I dress depending on my mood and how much my style choices change depending on which me is steering my ship.

When I'm feeling introverted, shy, overwhelmed, tired, or simply quiet (yes it can happen), I wear simple pieces in soft neutral tones. I want to feel cozy and comfy, cocooned in the safety of my neutrality. I want to blend in to the background and not draw any unusual attention to myself. I am drawn to my comfort clothes (like a warm cup of soup on a cold day) Jeans, solid colors like taupe, black, navy or white tops. I've probably put on a patterned shoe, but other than that I'll be pattern-free. Simple, delicate accessories and even soft makeup.

When the extrovert takes over, I'm all pattern and color. Taking risks in my choices pushing my style comfort zone so as not to disappear. I not only want to be a part the world around me, I want to add to it with conversation and laughter, color and pattern. A walking piece of art where every part has been carefully chosen and approved by me, for me, to share with and inspire the world around me. I hope to make others take a second look and go "huh…I would never have thought to do that" because maybe, just maybe the next time their inner extrovert shows up they will take a step further out of their style comfort zone.

Sometimes I want to fit in and whisper, sometimes I want stand out and roar. Its important to nurture both sides. Give them their due. They are, after all, intrigal parts of who I am, how I identify with myself and others and I can't have one without the other.

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