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The Color of Love

Every year Pantone decides on a "Color of the Year." Decorating and fashion trends for the upcoming year are designed around it. Being a color junky, I eagerly await the reveal of the chosen color like a kid on Christmas morning. This year they chose 2 colors! How much fun is that! The chosen colors are Illuminating, a lovely soft butter that warms and brightens and Ultimate Gray, a gentle silvery tone that lends substance without overpowering.

For the last several years I've chosen a talisman for the year to inspire me to keep focused on the intentions I've set for the year. This year, I've picked my own "Color of the Year."

Deciding on my color wasn't simply a hey I like that color kind of decision. It was a process. I delved deep inside to see what I was needing to help me grow and evolve in the coming year. I peered into the dark corners we tend to ignore, to see what needed to have light shined on it. I paid attention to how I was reacting to things and then asked why I was reacting that way. I looked outward as well, to see what the world was yearning for as we emerge from a chaotic period and enter into more shifting energies. What came to me was the word LOVE.

The color Pink, represents universal love of oneself and of others. It encompasses friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace, and approachability. For me, the pink I needed was a soft, frothy, cloud-like cushion that I could fall into. The shade I chose, is Rose Quartz (Pantone 13-1520 to be exact) and it feels like a much needed hug for my soul.

And so I've begun consciously curating a collection of Rose Quartz colored talismans, jewelry and clothing that I can use to consciously imbue love into my year.

It feels really good to have spent the time to really suss out the color that was just right for me, just as Pantone does for its annual selection. I really like the Pantone choices for this year, but I LOVE my choice for my year.


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