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The Magic of Pockets

Maybe you can relate to this, maybe not…but a friend of mine recently sent me this comic and, well, yeah, pockets make me happy. Really happy.

To me pockets represent freedom. If I'm donning an outfit with pockets, I now have place to put stuff so I don't necessarily have to carry a bag. Which is actually the very definition of the word:


plural noun: pockets

1.a small bag sewn into or on clothing so as to form part of it, used for carrying small articles.

From <>

Being unencumbered makes me feel like a kid again. No responsibilities. No "to do" lists. Its like walking outside without a coat on the first warm day in Spring. Walking through the grass barefoot. Swimming in the ocean on a hot day. They are like small patches of bliss.

They offer a place to store our hands. Perhaps pockets are like a security blanket for our hands. They keep us from fidgeting, or touching things we shouldn't (a must have for me when I'm in a museum where they have all those "Please don't touch the display" signs.) I'm a toucher. It can be a situation. With my hands safely ensconced in their pockets, I can peruse to my hearts content, knowing I won't be carted off by the Museum Police.

Probably my favorite effect of pockets, is the attitude change that happens when you are wearing something with pockets. In jeans, I become super cool, hey I'm so chill I keep my hands in my pockets. In full skirts, with my hands gently nestled in the pockets, I love to swish and sway my way through a room. I'm pretty sure cartoon birds are flitting and twittering about me. I become enchanted.

So here's to pockets and all those garments that have them…may we own them, may we use them, may we revel in their transformative magic.

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