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I haven't blogged in a few months, which I understand is total no-no in the blogging world, but since they say you should put out about 15 blogs a month to be a real blogger, I was not up to par anyway.

Those who know me, know I am not a fan of rules per se and blogging expectations seem very rule driven. I am a creative. Creativity cannot be forced or measured by the volume of output. Creativity is its own energy force and ebbs and flows at will.

I had a big creative push in the late Summer and early Fall, so its not unexpected that I hit a lull or rather slammed into it. Kind of like when you are driving in a rain storm and hit a puddle you didn't see and it feels like you've run into a wall of water. It doesn't do damage but it certainly startles you, slowing you down to almost a stop.

Its frustrating to say the least. I had projects in the works that seemed to stare at me, their disappointment oozing across my studio (which is or was my dining room) as if saying "now what? You can't just leave us is this state of undoneness!" I would wander over to them and poke around a bit, waiting for that spark of glittery excitement to kick in. Instead I was met with the muffled nothingness of the giant puddle I had been plunged into.

But I know how this works, I'm not a newbie to this world of creative hide and seek, so I let myself float away and drift back and float away again. Allowing that part of me to recharge. The holidays were descending so I was able to distract myself with preparations and plans, kids concerts and any number of other work related but non-creative activities.

Yesterday I walked up to my most done project and solved a problem that had been blocking my forward progress. A small thing really, but I recognize it as the small spark it is. Within minutes I grabbed another undone project and made forward progress and then another. It seems I've reached the edge of that puddle and am drying myself off, ready to create.

So now I take this opportunity to share one of my new "undones" ….two mens shirts I acquired from Goodwill are in transition shall we say into a blouse and a skirt.

Happy New Year! May all your puddles be small and your progress be forward moving.

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